Dr Ann Clarke


An immunologist, former research scientist in Edinburgh, Nottingham and Cambridge studying the immunological interactions between mother and embryo in the mouse. In her work, she tried to understand why the baby, whose inherits half its antigens from the father which are foreign to her, is not rejected like any other foreign graft. She was also an Inspector for the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority for 6 years and was a member of 6 scientific expeditions to the islands of French Polynesian Islands and the Tongian Archipelago. Dr Clarke has been the Managing Trustee of the Frozen Ark Project since its inception.

Ann is the last surviving founding member and has kept the Frozen Ark afloat with her drive and enthusiasm. She has been the main contact and promoter of the Ark for a number of years. Ann will continue to work with the consortium members/partners and help with ideas, activities and media attention.


Contact Details:

Dr Ann Clarke

Frozen Ark Office

School of Life Sciences

University of Nottingham

University Park

Nottingham HG7 2RD