Dr Jonas Astrin

Scientific Advisor

Jonas Astrin is curator of the biobank and head of the DNA barcoding unit at ZFMK – Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig. He was trained as zoologist (Dr. rer. nat.) at the universities Wuerzburg, Bonn, and UT Austin and as scientific librarian (M.A. LIS) at the Humboldt University Berlin. Merging these specializations with his focus on DNA barcoding brought him to animal biobanking in 2010, when the ZFMK biobank was formally created.
Besides the Frozen Ark initiative, the ZFMK biobank is also a member of the Global Genome Biodiversity Network, GGBN, and is involved in the biorepository associations ISBER and ESBB.

ZFMK is currently coordinating a nation-wide campaign, GBOL – German Barcode of Life, which follows the goal to molecularly catalog as many of Germany’s species of animals, plants and fungi as possible. So far, more than a third of the country’s known multicellular species have been inventoried.


Contact Details

Zoological Research Museum A. Koenig (ZFMK)
Adenauerallee 160
53113 Bonn

Email: j.astrin@leibniz-zfmk.de