Dr Paul Olding

Media Advisor

Paul Olding has a DPhil from Oxford University in the vocal communication signals of Australian Microhylid tree frogs. Whilst at Oxford University, Paul was involved in the Exploration Club, leading two biological survey expeditions, to Australia to study Cane Toads and to Barbados to survey a proposed underwater marine park.

After leaving Oxford, Paul joined the BBC Science Department as a Researcher on Tomorrow’s World. Since then Paul has gone on to produce and direct a whole range of science and history films, including 6 Horizon films, and has the accolade of bringing Prof Brian Cox to the BBC. Paul’s award winning films run the whole width of scientific endeavour, from physics (What time is it?, What on earth is wrong with gravity?) to biology (Darwin’s dangerous idea), anthropology (Origins of Us, The Genius Sperm Bank), space science (Titan a place like home?), geology (Earth: Power of the Planet) and he was central to the development and execution of the ground breaking Wonders of the Solar System (where he was nominated for a BAFTA for best director) and the sequel Wonders of Life. Paul has also made many films exploring ancient history, from the Bronze age (City beneath the waves: Pavlopetri), to ancient Egypt (Cleopatra’s Lost Tomb) and through to the Romans (The mystery of Rome’s X Tombs).

Paul is the Media Advisor to the Frozen Ark Project and helps advise the board of trustees on all media, TV and film related matters, plus social outreach.


Contact Details

Email: paul@paulolding.co.uk