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Andrew Beazer (University of Bath, Professional Training Year student at Frozen Ark 2017-2018)

"Spending my placement year with the Frozen Ark Project was an incredibly formative experience for me. I was given the opportunity to plan and carry out my own research project, which is an opportunity not many undergraduate students get, and I was tasked with learning the software that would be used by the charity to create its database. My experiences over the year have put me in an incredibly strong position for my final year. I had an amazing year with an amazing group of people."

Laurie Fabian (University of Bath, Professional Training Year student at Frozen Ark 2017-2018)

"Working with the Frozen Ark Project on my placement year was an invaluable experience. I was able to gain exposure to both lab and office work, which allowed me to develop and apply my knowledge and understanding of different fields of Biology in a practical setting. Designing and completing my research project (among other opportunities) has been a brilliant experience, setting me in good stead for my final year. It was great to be one of the first undergraduate placement students working with the Frozen Ark Project, I look forward to seeing their progress in years to come!"

Dr Josie D'Urban Jackson (University of Bath and Cardiff University, NERC GW4+ PhD secondment student at Frozen Ark 2017-2018)

"I joined The Frozen Ark team in 2017 during an exciting period of the charity’s development and got stuck into a variety of projects. My main task was to organise the Zoological Society of London’s frozen collection, but I was also involved with analysing a national survey of biobanks and public outreach events. As well as learning a huge amount about biobanking itself, it was a wonderful experience to work with such dedicated staff and partners. I have been spreading the word of the Frozen Ark ever since!"

Isadora Sinha (Cardiff University, Final Year Project student with Frozen Ark Team 2018-2019)

"My final year project was an exciting opportunity to learn and develop my laboratory, bioinformatics and research skills. With the Frozen Ark , I received invaluable insights into how scientific studies are designed, protocols are optimised, and results are statistically validated. I also learned a great deal about biobanking, molecular ecology and conservation. The experience has been truly enriching not just due to the knowledge I gained, but also due to the amazing people in the team and because the Frozen Ark’s work is for a good cause. I have been and will continue to volunteer and spread the word about the Frozen Ark!”

Georgina Russell (University of Bath, Professional Training Year student at Frozen Ark 2018-2019)

"My placement in Cardiff has been hugely enjoyable, thanks to Maf and the whole Frozen Ark team. Not only have I developed my scientific skill set through projects both in the lab and using bioinformatics tools, but I have picked up other skills that I hadn’t expected, such website design, sample collection and sorting and public engagement activity development. After working for a year in the research lab I feel inspired to continue my career into a research setting but in the meantime, this experience has been of huge benefit in preparing me for my final year of study at Bath."