Ms Jacqueline Mackenzie-Dodds

Scientific Advisor

Jackie Mackenzie-Dodds has worked for the Natural History Museum, London UK for over 25 years, where she helped obtain funds to build the NHM’s new cryofacility launched in 2011. Jackie started her career in industry (biochemistry/medicine at GSK) after gaining a double first in Biochemistry and Physiology from Leeds University in 1986, then moved on to natural sciences research (including molecular taxonomy, phylogeography and evolutionary development) at the NHM in 1991. Promoted to Molecular Biology Laboratory Manager in 2009 she then moved from pure Research into NHM Collections in 2010, and now manages all molecular collections management and biorepository business, including Frozen Ark material from the Zoological Society of London, and new viable cell collections held in liquid nitrogen from a joint Frozen Ark/NHM expedition to Vietnam in 2013.

Jackie has a broad global network serving on a number of biorepository committees and working groups including the Global Genome Biodiversity Network (GGBN: Executive Committee, Task Force Chair), European, Middle Eastern and African Society of Biopreservation and Biobanking (ExCo Councillor, Nominating Committee and Enviro-Bio Working Group Co-Chair), International Society for Biological and Environmental Biorepositories (ISBER: Science Policy Working Group Advisor, Enviro-Bio Working Group member, Organising Advisory Committee), United Kingdom Biological Resource Centre Network (UKBRCN: member), and Frozen Ark Project (Advisory Board member). She is also a Fellow of the Linnean Society, Ray Society Board Member and Tetrapods Society member.


Contact Details

Molecular Collections Manager,

Molecular Collections facility,

Life Sciences Department,

Natural History Museum,

Cromwell Road,

London SW7 5BD, UK.