Dr Paul Pearce-Kelly


Dr Pearce-Kelly is Senior Curator of Invertebrates, Lower Vertebrates and Research at the Zoological Society of London. In addition to his curatorial focus, Paul coordinates the Zoological Department’s research and conservation planning and specialises in species conservation programmes and group-based demographic management and analysis. Fieldwork is focused on the UK, French Polynesia, Kenya and St Helena. Paul serves on a range of SSC taxon Specialist Groups in addition to the Reintroduction Specialist Group and the Strategic Committee of the Conservation Breeding Specialist Group. He is a recipient of the Ulysses S. Seal Innovation in Conservation Award.

In recent years Paul has concentrated on efforts to help clarify the climate change and ocean acidification threats to biodiversity and their mitigation and adaptation requirements. This has included collaborating with IUCN and wider colleagues to determine species vulnerability traits (Foden and Collen 2007), the planetary-scale threat to tropical coral reefs (Veron et al 2009), Appendix 1 migratory species (McNamara et al 2010) and freshwater fish (Pearce-Kelly et al 2013). Other activities include chairing the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) Climate Change Task Force, coordinating the international mosquito monitoring programme Project MOSI, helping refine the Population and Habitat Viability Analysis (PHVA) tool and maintaining the joint WAZA, BGCI, CBSG, IUCN, ZSL iterative reference list of climate change & ocean acidification science, policy  & related information.

Given Paul’s network of contacts at zoological parks, he provides a link between the Frozen Ark and zoos across the globe.


Contact Details

Zoological Society of London

Regent’s Park

London NW1 4RY

Email: Paul.Pearce-Kelly@zsl.org