Saving the DNA and viable cells of the worldʼs endangered species


Below you can find out more information about the people involved in The Frozen Ark Project.



Dr Ann Clarke

Co-founder of the Frozen Ark Project. Ann is the last surviving founding member and has kept the Frozen Ark afloat with her drive and enthusiasm. Read More


Professor Mike Bruford, FLSW

Brings expertise in genetic management of endangered species and the interaction between the genetic resources of wild species and of zoo, other captive populations and domestic species. Read More


Fiona Crawley

Assisted Ann Clarke in establishing the Frozen Ark Project and has provided ad hoc contract and other advice over the years, on a pro bono basis. Read More

Prof John Ansell

Active trustee bringing stem cell expertise to the project. Also brings considerable experience as a trustee of other charities. Read More

Dr Lisa Yon

Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, with links to zoo veterinarians in the UK and beyond. Read More


Ms Ruth Greenberg

Fundraising Manager raising money for the charity by applying for grants, running an individual donor programme, recruiting major donors and income generation. Read More

Dr Mafalda Costa

Research associate for the CryoArks initiative, with a background in ecology and conservation biology of several mammal species. Read More

Ms Jude Smith

Has worked for the Frozen Ark since its inception, starting as PA to Dr Clarke and now responsible for the administration of the charity. Read More


Miss Georgina Russell

Undergraduate student studying biology at the University of Bath and currently undertaking a year in industry with the Frozen Ark project based at Cardiff University. Read More

Miss Sarah Jane Harwood

Undergraduate biology student at Cardiff University currently on her year in industry as a Professional Training Year student, working for the Frozen Ark at the University of Nottingham campus. Read More

Miss Léonie Dommett

Biology student at the University of Reading currently undertaking her year in industry with the Frozen Ark Project at the University of Nottingham. Read More


Ms Rebecca L Greene

Rebecca uses her skills as an Artist and Events Producer, to coordinate events that bring the work of the Charity to a wider audience. Read More

Dr Paul Olding

Media Advisor to the Frozen Ark Project and helps advise the board of trustees on all media, TV and film related matters, plus social outreach. Read More

Dr Jonas Astrin

Curator of the biobank and head of the DNA barcoding unit at ZFMK - Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig. Read More


Isadora Sinha

Isadora Sinha is a Cardiff University Genetics BSc graduate who completed her final year practical research project with the Frozen Ark. Read More

Dr Rhys Jones

Rhys and his team are using their vast experience in producing media content to create a series of videos that promote the work of Frozen Ark. Read More