Professor Mike Bruford, FLSW

Professor Mike Bruford, FLSW

Interim Director and Trustee

Mike Bruford is Professor of Biodiversity at the School of Biosciences, Cardiff University. After gaining his PhD in DNA profiling in animals from the University of Leicester in 1990, Mike worked for the Zoological Society of London as a conservation biologist for nine years, before moving in Cardiff in 1999. Mike’s research focuses on the population biology of endangered species, with a special focus on those found in fragmented habitat. He uses DNA profiling to gain information about elusive animal species, which helps to build a picture about their population size and distribution, often in inhospitable habitats where direct observation is impossible.

Mike serves on the editorial boards of several major scientific journals and is currently Editor in Chief of Heredity, an international journal in genetics, owned by the Genetics Society. He also currently serves on the Steering Committee for the Wales Biodiversity Partnership and a number of national and international grant awarding bodies. He was awarded the Zoological Society of London’s Scientific Medal in 2003, was elected a Fellow of the Learned Society of Wales in 2010 and is a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award holder (2012-2016).

Mike is currently Interim Director of the Frozen Ark project. His expertise is in genetic management of endangered species and the interaction between the genetic resources of wild species and of zoo, other captive populations and domestic species. He is currently co-Chair of the IUCN Species Survival Commission’s Conservation Genetics Specialist Group and helps to ensure genetic evidence is used on conservation planning at an international level.


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Michael W. Bruford FLSW

Professor of Biodiversity

School of Biosciences

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