Saving the DNA and viable cells of the worldʼs endangered species


Although the University of Nottingham and our partners provide invaluable intellectual and institutional support, they cannot fund our appeals. For help in delivering the Frozen Ark’s vision, we turn to our extended family of colleagues, collaborators, students and supporters. We will be delighted to hear from anyone who wants to help, whether as collaborators, potential graduate students, volunteers or patrons.

In addition to our ongoing appeal for support to our core staff and emergency project fund, our current priority is to raise funds for the long term storage of samples in the Frozen Ark’s biobank and to conduct research on the best methods for collection, transport, storage and curation of different types of genetic material.

Please contact our office if you have any queries.


Please DONATE by clicking on the MyDonate button. Use of the MyDonate website will enable us to claim the tax from your contribution so long as you select the Gift Aid option. You can also donate by cheque made payable to The Frozen Ark Project, by bank transfer, or by submitting your Gift Aid Declaration.

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